Boys Bunk Beds

The 2 most popular colour choices for boys bunk beds are blue and red. Whilst they do come in a variety of other colours and designs, those 2 colours are the most prominent choices. You have a few choices to make before finding the right bunk bed for your boys. Do you need extra storage space inside the bed? Which material should you go for? Metal or wood? Do you need a staircase or ladder on the bed? Not forgetting the space saving solution of the futon bunk bed which serves as both a bed for sleeping and a sofa for relaxing.
Bunk beds for boys should be fun and buying a bed frame shaped like a racing car or a king's castle will really put a smile on their face. These beds can serve another purpose and help your kids with organising books, provide tidy storage or even a work area to help them when they study. You have to decide with your child and see what they like before making that final decision.